Our Credentials

• Registered building practitioner – DBU 16676
• Warranty insurance eligibility.
• Master Builders Association of Victoria Member.
• Relationships with Draftsman/Surveyors to obtain building permits.
• Full carpentry, building & landscaping qualifications.
• HIA building contract – for consumer protection.


Outdoor Flair complies with all Australian regulations. Deck/Pergola building is governed by the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995. This is about protecting the consumer!


The legal requirements are:

• If the price exceeds $5,000 the contractor must be registered with the building commission.
• If the price exceeds $5,000 a prescribed building contract is required. This must show the start & finish dates, progress payment schedule, plans & specifications if required.
• In most cases a building permit is required.
• If the price exceeds $12,000 the contractor must provide home warranty insurance.


If it isn't legal – you are exposed…


• Council may issue a notice to remove it.
• You may have problems selling the house because there isn't a permit.
• No independent quality inspection.